Ohio Chapter of ICES 2017-2018
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Ohio ICES Classes
Whenever possible, Ohio ICES will
host classes in conjunction with our
Days of Sharing.

Classes are usually held on Saturday
before the Sunday Day of Sharing.

Days of Sharing
The Ohio Chapter of ICES holds
two official Days of Sharing
each year, centrally located in
or around the state capital of
Columbus. Traditionally, these
meetings are held on the last
Sunday of September and the
last Sunday of April.

An Ohio ICES Day of Sharing
features a full schedule of
activities, including
demonstrations, vendors, ideas,
information and a relaxing
luncheon, where attendees can
network and make new
Demonstrators and
We welcome anyone interested
in doing a demonstration or
teaching a class that would
interest our members.
If you are available to demo for
the next or future Days of
Sharing, please contact us at

Spring Day of Sharing
Sunday, April 28, 2019

10am to 5pm

Demos, Raffles, Prizes and

Come back often to see what we have in
store for the Spring.

Make your hotel reservations
Group rate available for a limited time.
ICES group rate for that weekend
Our Spring Day of Sharing
will take place at

Ramada Inn Polaris
6767 Schrock Hill Ct.
Columbus, OH 43229

Call the hotel directly for
room availability
Special rate of $72 per night
Let them know you are with I_C_E_S
(use the intitials)

Join us for great, new demos
Things we learned at

the convention
Raffles and Lunch

$30/ICES Members -
Our new venue, Ramada Inn Polaris, is approx. 5
minutes east of the old location (Crowne Plaza) -
One exit north of  Rt 161 on I-71

The hotel is just off the corner of
W. Schrock Rd, and Cleveland Ave. and is not far
from the
Polaris Fashion Place shopping area
Nominations for Spring 2018 Ohio ICES Elections - Chapter Officers

During our April 2018 meeting, we will be voting on new officers for the term beginning in August of 2019. As an ICES Chapter, the positions of
Representative, Alternate, Secretary and Treasurer are elected, not appointed. The length of term is 2 years, with the option to run for another
consecutive 2 year term, for a maximum of 4 consecutive years in the same office. By rule, a person who has served a full term of four consecutive
years must wait for 2 years (the length of one full term) before seeking the same office they last held. Candidates can run for office as many times
as they wish, but once elected, can not hold the same office for more than 4 years in a row.

To be considered for candidacy in any office, you must be a member in good standing (dues current with uninterrupted membership for one full
year immediately prior to the election), with no involvement in pending disputes or sanctions. If you are interested in holding any of the following
offices: Rep, Alternate, Secretary or Treasurer, please fill out a copy of the Nomination and Acceptance Form (found on the “Forms” page of the
Ohio ICES website) and compose a brief resumé of items you would like your fellow members to know about you, that relate to the office you wish
to hold. Send these to Karen Garback (registrar), 5370 Columbia Rd., North Olmsted, OH 44070, postmarked by March 15th. Or you can scan and
attach to an email, and send to pbkaren@sbcglobal,net .

By rule, nominations “from the floor” will be accepted on the day of election, but still require that you present a Nomination and Acceptance Form,
at least one hour before the start of the Business Meeting. This means that you can still send your paperwork to Karen after the March 15th
deadline, but your name may not be on the absentee ballot or your resume in the newsletter, in time for the ballots. This process makes sure that
there is no delay to the start of the meeting, as candidate eligibility is being checked.

Absentee ballots and proxy voting information will be included in the newsletter, along with a list of candidates.

Although this seems like a very formal process, it is meant as a safeguard against being pressured to accept or embarrassed to decline the
nomination in person on the day of the election. If you have determined that running for an office is something that you genuinely WANT to do,
then mailing in your formal nomination should not be an obstacle. And, yes, you may nominate yourself.


The Representative presides at meetings of the Chapter and appoints committees, as necessary, and performs the duties of Representative as
outlined in the “ICES Representative Guidelines and Responsibilities.” The Representative makes sure that all minutes, Board correspondence
and other correspondence, financial records and important Chapter items and documents are kept safely and properly and are able to be made
available to the membership when necessary. The Representative sees to it that chapter newsletters are forwarded to the President, the ICES
Newsletter Editor and any other required individual, that all chapter reports are filed on time and that the chapter is kept in good standing and up to
date on all required paperwork. The Representative must also keep all chapter material ready to pass on to the next Representative.

The Alternate assist the Representative and must be available to perform as needed in the absence of the Representative, using “ICES
Representative Guidelines and Responsibilities” in the same manner as the Representative.

The Secretary records the minutes of all proceedings and makes sure that there are copies safely kept in the permanent record. A copy of the
minutes from each previous chapter business meeting must be sent to the chapter newsletter editor, for printing and distribution prior to the next
scheduled meeting. The Secretary of the Ohio Chapter may be called upon to receive new and renewing memberships during a business meeting.
The Secretary may also be called upon to send or receive correspondence when needed.

The Treasurer keeps the complete, permanent financial records for the chapter, signs the checks, and performs any other duties that may be
required by government agencies and the Chapter Bylaws. The Treasurer provides a written report of receipts and disbursements (Treasurer’s
Report) at each meeting and prepares the required quarterly reports, sending them to the Representative in a timely manner. The Treasurer
makes deposits and any necessary withdrawals, on behalf of the chapter, and is authorized to pay approved bills and expenses incurred for
chapter activities such as Days of Sharing, newsletters or other projects. The Treasurer must keep all chapter financial records and materials in
her/his care available for use and ready to pass to the next Treasurer.

You can find the Nomination form

Please scroll down to read the current Officer Election information