Our History........

  • The Ohio Chapter of the International Cake Exploration
    Societé is one of the larger chapters within the

  • Ohio has one of the oldest organized memberships in
    ICES, with several Ohioans among the original charter

  • The first president of ICES was Ohio member Peg Seeger,
    a respected and admired sugar artist, teacher and
    competition judge.

  • Along with Peg Seeger, two other innovative icing artists
    and teachers from Ohio - Kay Ogden and Mary J. Howard -
    are in the ICES Hall of Fame.

  • Columbus, Ohio was the host city for the 1994 ICES
    Convention. Columbus continues to be our central
    meeting place for current chapter activities.

  • Our second go-round as ICES Convention host, came in
    2018 in Cincinnati, OH.

  • It is our tradition to meet on the last Sunday in April and
    the last Sunday in September. This routine is changed
    only with prior notice and only in the event that a holiday
    or other major circumstance conflicts with the traditional
    date - Or, when a special program or guest instructor’s
    appearance takes precedence over maintaining the
    traditional date.
Ohio Chapter of ICES 2017 - 2018
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Welcome to Ohio ICES…..

Ohio ICES is a certified chapter of the International Cake
Exploration Societé and we’re proud to say that we are
consistently among the top ten largest chapters/affiliated
member groups of the ICES organization, worldwide.
Among our purposes as members of ICES are the sharing,
promotion, perpetuation and practice of cake decoration
and sugar art.

Our members are bakers, confectioners, pastry chefs, and
cake stylists, as well as enthusiasts who practice sugar
artistry for their own enjoyment and those who simply
appreciate the sweet works of OTHER  sugar artists.

Members of Ohio ICES practice a wide variety of
techniques and bring different skill levels to the table…….
But, whatever we do and however we do it, we’d like to
share all of it with YOU…!!!

We invite you to browse our site and experience the
opportunities we make available to anyone who wishes to
learn more about this exciting and creative art form. To
join ICES, please visit the main web site at
and follow the membership links on the home page. To
contact the Ohio chapter,
click here for more information.
Ohio ICES Days of Sharing

When ICES groups meet to learn, teach and have some
fun, we often call that meeting a Day of Sharing. Currently,
the Ohio Chapter of ICES holds two official Days of
Sharing each year, centrally located in or around the state
capital of Columbus. Traditionally, these meetings are
held on the last Sunday of September and the last Sunday
of April.

An Ohio ICES Day of Sharing features a full schedule of
activities, including demonstrations, vendors, ideas,
information and a relaxing luncheon, where attendees can
network and make new friendships.

For more information about our next Day of Sharing,
chapter sponsored classes and other regional events
click here.